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  1. What method do you use for shipping?
  2. Our orders are shipped using Royal Mail/DHL. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. International orders are shipped via DHL.
  3. How are the shipping costs calculated?
  4. The shipping costs are calculated based on the number of items. The items are categorized as Light, medium and heavy.

    Light – All DVDs and books less than 50 pages will be in the light category.

    Medium – Books with 50 – 150 pages will be in the medium category.

    Heavy – Books with more than 150 pages will be in the heavy category.

    Royal mail second class (3 to 5 working days) – The price for standard postage for light, medium and heavy will be £1.99, £2.99 and £3.99 respectively. This price is only for the first item. For every subsequent item, there would be a standard £1 increase irrespective of the second or third items. The cost of the heaviest item will be the first price (or the main price) and all subsequent items will be £1 added to this.

    For e.g., if you buy one plastic surgery book, the shipping cost will be £3.99, 2 plastic surgery books £4.99, 3 plastic surgery books £5.99 or one plastic surgery book + DVD = £4.99 (£3.99 + £1).

    Another e.g., if you buy one DVD, the price will be £1.99, 2 DVDs 2.99, 3 DVDs 3.99 or one 50-150 page book + DVD = £3.99 (£2.99 + £1).

    For other shipping options other than the standard postage -

    If you choose a postage option quicker than this (first class and next day special delivery), then please add £1 more for first class and £2 for next day special delivery. In the example above:

    If you buy 2 plastic surgery books, the normal postage will be £4.99. If you want first class, then please add £1 to this = £5.99; if you want next day delivery, then add £2 = £6.99.

    If you choose an International postage, then you will have to add £5 to the cost.

    In the example above:

    If you buy 2 plastic surgery books, the normal postage will be £4.99. If you want International delivery, then please add £5 to this = £9.99.
  5. When will I receive my order? What is the shipping time?
  6. The following timelines are an appropriate guide to how long you should expect for your books to reach you:

    • Royal mail second class (3 to 5 working days) - £3.99*
    • Royal mail first class (1 to 2 working days) - £4.99*
    • Royal mail next day special delivery - £5.99*

    All International Deliveries outside the United Kingdom (note: Ireland is classified as International): - £8.99*

    *Base price. The shipping costs may increase with the number of items.
  7. How do I check the status of my order?
  8. You may track your package using the tracking number (AWB number) mentioned in the shipping information for each of your orders.

    For this you might have to visit the website of one of our shipping partners. The shipping partner's name would be mentioned in the account page.

    Please find below the contact details of each of the shipping partners.

    Carrier Website Information Contact Information
    ROYAL MAIL Within UK - 08457 740 740

    Text Phone 08456 000 606
    DHL +44 (0) 844 248 0844

    If your order hasn’t arrived in the expected time, please check with your local delivery office before contacting us with the details.
  9. I haven’t received my shipment yet, what should I do?
  10. Orders fulfilled by Doctors Academy Publications and shipped via one of our shipping partners, you willreceive an email with the tracking information. Please check this information if available and read through the following options:

    • If the tracking information indicates the package has been delivered, please check with your neighbours or family members. Packages are occasionally left with neighbours, or safely outside your house/office.
    • If the tracking information indicates the package is being returned to us, or if the address is incorrect, it may have been undeliverable.
    • If there is no tracking information, or you cannot locate the package and it is not being returned as undeliverable, please e-mail us at or call us at +44 (0) 2921 252 5170

  11. My Book/DVD was damaged on receipt, what is your returns policy?
  12. Doctors Academy Publications website operates a 'no questions asked' returns policy in accordance with the UK Distance Selling Regulations if you return your book within seven days of receiving delivery of your order. Please note that any postage or delivery costs incurred when returning books will be at your own expense, unless the goods concerned are damaged or have been sent in error.

    Standard Returns Policy

    After the 'no questions asked' 7-day period, we will be happy to accept books for return in the following cases:

    • The book was found to be damaged or in some other way faulty. In this case, we will either replace the book or give you a full refund (including postage costs, if postage was paid by you), depending on your wishes. If you opt for a replacement copy, we will dispatch this to you as soon as we receive the faulty copy from you.
    • The book was not the one which you ordered. In this case, we will refund you in full (including postage costs, where applicable).
    • The book does not meet with your needs. Returns on this ground will be have to satisfy the following conditions:
      1. The book must be returned within 28 days of receipt in the UK, 48 days of receipt in Europe, and four months of receipt in any country outside the UK and Europe.
      2. The book must be in a condition to be resalable.
      3. It must be accompanied by a copy of the delivery note or receipt

    Provided these conditions are met, we will give you a full refund for the book, and for any postage that has been paid by you.

    Whatever the reason for return, all books should be returned to the following addresses.

    Doctors Academy Publications
    PO Box 4283
    Cardiff CF14 8GN
    United Kingdom

    If we have accepted a book for return, we will refund you the cost of returning it, on condition that it is returned by the most economical method. UK customers using the Freepost address do not need to pay return postage. The book remains your property until we have received it.

    Refunds will be given through the payment method you used to purchase the book: e.g. if you pay by cheque we will refund by cheque, if you pay by credit card we will refund by credit card.

    Please allow 14 days (in addition to delivery time) for the return to be processed.