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50 OSCE Stations for DOHNS Part 2

These carefully selected 50 OSCE stations will provide a framework around which one can base their revision for the DOHNS Part 2 exam of the Royal College of Surgeons. It covers all important stations in sufficient but succinct detail and provides core background knowledge required to pass the exam. The layout of the book in a question and answer format provides the user with an opportunity to test, systematise, and broaden one's knowledge and understanding of a wide range of ENT presentations (elective, emergency, benign and malignant). The scenarios also cover the essential aspects of applied anatomy, pathophysiology, radiology and pharmacology that one is likely to come across in ENT practices, and therefore, in the DOHNS exam. The text is complemented by a liberal use of clinical images, radiographs and illustrations to enable the reader to consolidate existing knowledge on common topics and easily comprehend unfamiliar clinical conditions. With over 300 questions spread amongst 50 OSCE stations, this book will be a valuable companion for those appearing for the DOHNS Part 2 exam in one of the UK Surgical Royal Colleges as well as similar examinations elsewhere in the world. "This book helps with some of the factual knowledge required. It is also important that the candidate always introduces themselves, explains what they are going to do to the patient and gets their permission before any examination or procedure and ensures patient privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. The book is very user friendly with good photographs and illustrations and succinct questions and answers. It will be useful not only for learning and self-testing but also as a basis for 'practicing' the exam with colleagues, which is a very beneficial and worthwhile exercise. I highly recommend this book to everyone taking the DOHNS and MRCS(ENT) exams". Foreword by: Mr. Mike Pringle FRCS(ORL), Consultant ENT Surgeon, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.

List of topics
  • Station 1: Child with Decreased Hearing
  • Station 2: Adult with Decreased Hearing
  • Station 3: Inner Ear (1)
  • Station 4: Pinna
  • Station 5: Hearing Loss due to Tumour
  • Station 6: Inflammation of Throat
  • Station 7: Instruments
  • Station 8: Skull Base (1)
  • Station 9: Skull Base (2)
  • Station 10: Facial Infection
  • Station 11: Foreign Body Nose
  • Station 12: Difficulty Swallowing
  • Station 13: Stridor
  • Station 14: Head Injury
  • Station 15: Ear Pathology (1)
  • Station 16: Surgery of Head and Neck (1)
  • Station 17: Neck Swelling
  • Station 18: Inner Ear (2)
  • Station 19: Vertigo
  • Station 20: Chronic Rhinosinusitis
  • Station 21: Neck Dissection
  • Station 22: Septal Perforation
  • Station 23: Baby with Stridor
  • Station 24: Nasal Cavity
  • Station 25: Sore Throat
  • Station 26: Febrile Child with Otalgia
  • Station 27: Facial Pathology
  • Station 28: Post-Operative Redness and Swelling of Eye
  • Station 29: Ear Pathology (2)
  • Station 30: Audiology
  • Station 31: Epistaxis (1)
  • Station 32: Epistaxis (2)
  • Station 33: Ear Pain and Itch (1)
  • Station 34: Ear Pain and Itch (2)
  • Station 35: Audiograms
  • Station 36: Tracheostomy (1)
  • Station 37: Tracheostomy (2)
  • Station 38: Tympanometry
  • Station 39: Painful Facial Swelling (1)
  • Station 40: Painful Facial Swelling (2)
  • Station 41: Larynx (1)
  • Station 42: Larynx (2)
  • Station 43: Hearing aids
  • Station 44: Choking and Coughing in Child
  • Station 45: Post Tonsillectomy Bleed in a Child
  • Station 46: Surgery of Head and Neck (2)
  • Station 47: Thyroid
  • Station 48: Thyroidectomy
  • Station 49: Cavernous sinus
  • Station 50: Head Anatomy

ISBN: 978-93-80573-43-4

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Authors’ details

Miss Katarzyna Konieczny, MD, DOHNS, MRCS
Specialty Registrar in ENT Surgery
Wessex Deanery
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Faculty Member – Cardiff DOHNS OSCE Course

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  • 1st Edition: January 2015

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