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Secrets of Plastic Surgery ST3 Interviews

Plastic surgery ST3 national interviews are in many respects similar to any other medical interview. The essence of the interview is to demonstrate that you are a "good, safe and trainable doctor". The secret to obtain an NTN in plastic surgery is not only an early insight to the application and interview process, but also dedication, perseverance and hard work.This book covers the whole interview syllabus and is based on a thorough analysis of feedback gathered from previous interviews and the experience of trainees who have succeeded in obtaining their ST3 job. It illustrates a systematic approach and a structured framework in answering a wide range of questions in a variety of scenarios. In addition, this book will also help you to score well in the areas of consent, audit, management, leadership and teaching.

List of topics
  • Station 1: Structured Interview
    • Marking Structure
    • Why do you want to do plastic surgery?
    • Clinical Governance (CG)
      • Clinical Audit
      • Research
      • Teaching
      • Risk Management and Patient Safety
    • Management and Leadership
    • Consent and Ethical Dilemmas
  • Station 2: Clinical Scenarios
    • Framework
    • Marking Structure
    • Flap Monitoring
    • Facial Trauma
    • Burns
      • Minor Burns in Outpatients
      • Major Burns
      • Paediatric Burns
      • Electrical Burns
      • Chemical Burns
    • Toxic Shock Syndrome
    • Skin Cancer
      • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
      • Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
      • Malignant Melanoma (MM)
    • Floor of Mouth Lesion/Tumour
    • Lower Limb Trauma
    • Sternal and Complex Wound
    • Pressure Sores
    • Haemangiomas and Vascular Malformations
      • Haemangiomas
      • Vascular Malformations
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Reduction
    • Abdominoplasty
    • Paediatric and Adult Finger Tip/Nail Bed Injuries
    • Tendon and Nerve Injuries
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Trigger Finger
    • Flexor Sheath Infection
    • Prominent Ears
  • Station 3: OSCEs - Communication
    • Presentation
      • Framework
      • Marking Structure
      • Topics
    • Consent
      • Marking Structure:
      • Framework:
    • Communication with a Consultant
      • Marking Structure
      • Framework
      • Lower Limb Open Fractures
      • Burns:
      • Necrotising Fasciitis
      • Toxic Shock Syndrome
      • Hand Trauma/Replantation
  • Station 4: Portfolio
    • General Tips:
    • Marking Structure:

ISBN: 978-93-80573-63-2

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Andrej Salibi, MD, MRCS, MSc

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  • Print Copy: 185 pages
  • Multicolor printing on Glossy Art paper
  • Laminated Art Paper (cover page)
  • Doctors Academy Publications
  • 1st Edition: February 2018

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