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Fundamentals of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery for Undergraduates

ENT surgery is an exciting and challenging career choice. The appeal of ENT lies in its dynamic and varied nature with a broad spectrum of diseases across all age groups. An emergency referral may be something as minor as removing a foreign body from an ear through to a compromised airway. Patients may be well with a quality of life complaint or present with a life threatening disease. Undergraduates seldom need to have a great depth of understanding of each disease their process but should be able to understand the most common diseases and apply the clinical skills and knowledge to ENT. This guide provides a framework around which one can base his/her learning. Although every attempt has been made to cover most of the syllabus, due to the wide range of conditions and disorders covered by ENT, it needs to be acknowledged that covering every topic in depth is beyond the scope of this guide. It is hence suggested that you use this guide as a complementary resource in conjunction with time honoured ENT textbooks.

List of Chapters
  • The ear
  • The nose
  • The throat
    • The throat— larynx
    • The throat— thyroid gland
    • The throat— neck
  • Examination skills
  • Cranial nerve examination
  • Questions
    • Extended match questions
    • Single best answer
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ISBN: 978‐93‐80573‐34‐2
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Editor and author
Mr. Benjamin Stew, MBBCh, MRCS, DOHNS

Mr Tobias Moorhouse, MBBCh, BSc, MRCS, DOHNS
Mr Robert McLeod, MBBCH, BSc (Hon), DOHNS, MRCS, DMCC

Mr Alun Tomkinson, BSc, MB BCh, MPhil, FRCS

Ms Ellie De Rosa

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