Applied Surgical Anatomy for MRCS OSCE

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Recent changes in the structure of the MRCS examination have led to greater emphasis being placed on the clinical application of anatomical knowledge. Applied Surgical Anatomy for MRCS OSCE has been written with the specific aim of addressing the requirements of candidates appearing for the MRCS Part B exam. This systematic concise and easy-to-read yet informative guide focuses on commonly examined areas in the MRCS exam. The core topics within each of the specialty contexts – Trunk and Thorax, Limbs (including Spine), Head and Neck, and Neurosciences are covered in sufficient detail. All illustrations through out the book serve to focus the revision and make the information more memorable. Tables and mnemonics provided are tried and tested by our clinical anatomists through years of teaching anatomy to students. The surgical applications of each anatomical topic have been chosen to embed this anatomical knowledge within the reader’s clinical experience.