BMAT for 2021 and 2022 Tests – Doctors Academy Preparation Guides

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In order to mirror the BMAT, this book is divided into three sections.
Section 1 comprises of 185 Problem Solving, 189 Data Analysis and 52 Critical Thinking questions.
Section 2 encompasses 100 questions in each of the following four subjects: Biology; Chemistry; Physics; and Mathematics. A copy of the official specification has been included before each topic in Section 2. In addition, a checklist is provided so that the candidate can monitor his/her level of preparedness and progress. Answers and detailed explanations are provided for Sections 1 and 2.
Section 3 consists of five essays which have been marked with examiners’ comments. Model essay answers are also included. These will allow the candidate to recognise the standard and vocabulary required, appreciate the importance of articulating an argument and a counterargument, and comprehend the significance of a robust discussion and formulating an effective conclusion.
The book also contains three mock tests which follow the 2020 BMAT format and include sample answer sheets with detailed explanations. With over 1000 questions, this book is an essential “musthave” in a candidate’s preparation for the BMAT. It is envisaged that this book, with a wide range of exercises and varying levels of difficulty, will allow the candidate to appreciate the type and style of questions that can be expected in the BMAT. It will also provide him/her with the opportunity to refine and optimise his/her technique in answering questions in an efficacious manner.
The book is thus a consummate preparation tool for a candidate who aspires to achieve a high score in the BMAT and maximise his/her chances of getting into the medical or dental school of his/her choice.