Clinical History & Examinations A focused approach

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Students preparing for their exams, finals or otherwise, traditionally, have had to collate a vast amount of knowledge and information assembled from various books and resources. This is clearly a laborious and time-consuming process that also diverts the attention of the student into topics and areas that are seldom important or relevant to the exam. Clinical history and examinations: A focused approach encompasses the entire spectrum of the medical syllabus in an informative, concise, and easy to read and recall format. Appreciating the importance of time in the lead up to the exam, this resource will enable the candidate to revise all the pertinent topics across all specialties in a focused, information and time efficient manner. Every topic is succinctly elucidated in two pages that include an annotated definition, apposite details (e.g., male to female ratio, pathophysiology and classification), requisite history and essential clinical examination. In addition, relevant points in relation to investigations and the completion statement to be mentioned to the examiner are highlighted.