Focused Clinical Examination Essentials for Medical Students

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Success in OSCE requires not just a sound theoretical knowledge, but an ability to obtain a pertinent yet concise history, adroitness whilst undertaking clinical examination and performing practical skills, and the ability to communicate with the patient in an empathetic but informative manner. Some diligent and ingenious students who possess the essential knowledge and skills, however, on occasions, fail the OSCE. This occurs not due to lack of wisdom but perhaps because of tenuous strategy. Meticulous planning and preparation is therefore essential to effectively deal with each ‘OSCE station’ and this requires a clear understanding of the structure of the exam, an appreciation of the commonly examined areas, and erudition with the important topics. This book highlights the areas that the candidate must be familiar with by providing a list of ‘mandatory topics’ and proposes some guidance on how to prepare for the OSCE.